Decklines installation

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Jun 9, 2006

A bunch of builders have emailed me asking how to install decklines (refelctive or not) on a wooden kayak.

I've got step one posted at

Decklines are essential to rescues, whether self- or assisted, and make towing easier.

Also, many clubs and all training orgs. won't allow paddlers on their trips or to take their trainings in kayaks that lack decklines.

As for wood-lovers: unadorned varnished decks are by now almost a commonplace. There are so many out there. They look pretty, but they also look pretty much like every other varnished deck out there on the water.

And they're unsafe...

I'll pre-excue myself from the flame war likely to follow.

installing decklines on a wooden boat


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