Re: 4oz vs 6oz Glass

Posted by LeeG on Jun 9, 2006

Mac, Laszlo hit it. The first thing to do is to determine if there's an unnecessary amount of wood and whether the glass that is used is in the right place to make a difference. Most of the difference is cosmetic in that 4oz will get denting dings causing whitening and waterstains in the wood which won't happen with 6oz. All the weight savings with lighter glass are moot if you're retaining full width sheerclamps, 8oz endpours and puddle epoxy everywhere and use 6mm ply where 4mm is sufficient. If deck beams aren't structurally necessary why use them? If 3/4" wide sheerclamps aren't structurally necessary why leave them in? If 3"9oz tape is heavier than necessary then cut 2" strips of 6oz cloth. If ring nails aren't needed after the epoxy cures why bother using them to begin with? Check out the 3.25oz fine weave cloth from RAKA for light weight constructions. You definately don't want 4oz on the exterior bottom if you're 200lbs and don't want dings to break into the wood.

In Response to: 4oz vs 6oz Glass by Mac on Jun 8, 2006