Re: Modifying Chesapeake

Posted by Brad Shook on Jun 7, 2006


I just did that with a CH17 Kit and it worked fine. Just subtract 1" from the side panels of your 17 after you scarf them together and cut off the excess...block plane smooth with no humps or bumps as John says. When the time comes, you will probably have to trim down the bulkheads too, but that's no big deal. You shouldn't have any problems with putting the deck on, just make sure you change the front and back deck radius to that of the CH17LT which is listed in the builders manual/instructions book. Doing so will make it just like you ordered a 17LT kit. (You could probably leave the deckdeam radius' the way they are and it should work fine too.) I'm not an expert, but that's what I did and the boat turned out fine.


In Response to: Modifying Chesapeake 17 by Morten Strengelsrud on Jun 7, 2006


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