Posted by James Eager on Jun 5, 2006

Now I am far from being an expert, but I have studied SOF building a little and been around them a few times. I dont think you would be able to put hatches in your deck... and if you did save weight it would be really minimal. Greenland style SOF boats are lighter but not that if you only save weight on the deck (a small percentage of the overall) you dont save you are adding frame-work so you probly come out equal if not heavier. If you want a real-deal true Greenland style boat build an SOF there are some great books on the subject and resources online as well. If you want something that is very much like one but with hatches and a foam seat and all you might consider the Arctic Hawk or something like it. Just my 2 cents, I almost built an SOF this past winter but ended up with a Shearwater...The SOF is next.

In Response to: Re: SKIN ON FRAME HYBRID by Laszlo on Jun 5, 2006