Sheer Clamps

Posted by CLC on Jun 1, 2006

>>>>At least consider that interior seam tape for joining deck/hull is MUCH more common than sheerclamps >>>>>>>>>

That's definitely an overstatement. Sheer clamps are a common hull-to-deck arrangement not only on kayaks---tens of thousands of them---but also on other wooden boats, stretching back into the dim mists of time. A lot of advantages and not too many disadvantages.

That said, the taped hull-to-deck joint is the best way to get a hull shape like the Shearwater standard versions or the old Merganser. (Shearwater hybrids have normal sheer clamps.)

You could do a sheer clamp on the Shearwater standard but I think it'd be a lot more work than you think, both in hours and in sorting out the complex rolling bevels. I've done a lot of both systems and you the hull-to-deck tape and it's kinda messy and then it's over with and it works.

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