Posted by LeeG on Jun 1, 2006

At least consider that interior seam tape for joining deck/hull is MUCH more common than sheerclamps and many other folks never experienced the fear you mention,,they just built it as instructed and continue building the next one the same way. Speaking of gymnastics, it's certainly not any harder than putting epoxy goop under the deck of a Chesapeake near the front bulkhead .

I think putting on a sheerclamp could be easily done and wouldn't require a "planing guide". You could let goop fill the gaps. For example the A.Hawk has a sheerclamp that's only 3/8" wide(2 strips of 4mm ply). What you could not do is replicate the 3/4" wide cypress sheerclamp on a Chesapeake with the Merganser as the thick sheerclamp would prevent the side panels from arcing to the ends in that the last few feet tend to flatten out with a stiff sheerclamp.

If you haven't done it and are afraid of "gymnastics" then by all means pass the kit on to someone else at a healthy discount. I think they would appreciate it.

In Response to: Re: Shearwater/deck insta by Brad Shook on May 31, 2006