stuck like chuck

Posted by gober on May 31, 2006

Howdy folks,

I finally started working on completing my kayak weekend. I havenít been able to work on it since last October. The work is purely cosmetic like rub strips and correcting the bad seal on the hatches. I have been busy with a new baby and my two year old. I was able to put the yak in the water Monday, first time in about two months.

Now lets backup 7 months. Back in October í05 they made their maiden voyage in the Florida Keys. My hatches werenít fitting tight, so I took some clear packing tape to seal around hatches for the 1200 mile trip home. The tape worked great to keep the rain out. But now I am left with packing tape residue around and on the hatches. This stuff is stuck like chuck. So far I have tried vinegar, Windex, and of all things WD40 to remove it. I donít really want to sand it off or mess up the epoxy with harsh chemicals. Do you guys have any ideas on what to use? Btw the boat isnít varnished, epoxy only.

Thanks for your input.