Re: Jimmy skiff resizing

Posted by Laszlo on May 26, 2006


Even scaled up 10% the Jimmy Skiff would still be a tight fit for the crew you describe because of the pointy bow. The front few feet of a sharpie are not a good place to put a lot of weight. There's less room and less buoyancy. Any large weight you put up there will make the bow plow through the water.

You'd be better off building a John's Sharpie. It's 4 feet longer than even a scaled-up Jimmy, and the cat ketch sailing rig will be better balanced than a scaled-up sail on a scaled-up Jimmy.

Another alternative would be to build 2 Jimmy's - one for you & your wife, the other for your kids. Teenagers love independence and it will give them a chance to really learn sailing by doing it themselves. If you build from plans, you could even stack the plywood and cut out both sets of parts at once.

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