Re: Adding ammonia

Posted by Steve Miller on May 25, 2006

It might do that since I have never had a fisheye. I hot coat all fill coats of epoxy by re-coating just as soon as the previous coat is set enough so I won't screw it up with the next coat. I might do 3 fill coats, wash, wet sand, wash again then add the 4 th coat. Normally the 4th coat needs only scuffing up to prep for varnish as it went over a smooth base. You can do it after 2 coats also and finish up with a 3rd if all is filled and covered well.

I do not use any other solvents or tack rags on epoxy coats or paint or varnish either. All contaminate fresh goo and finishes and lead to more bubbles and probably fisheyes in my opinion. Especially tack rags! Bad juju those are.

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