Perimeter lines, et al

Posted by M Davis on May 25, 2006

The WR18 only needs to have deck rigging installed to be ready to go at last, long last. I am plannig on the standard bungee patterns in front of the combing and behind for the paddle float anchor. Also will put a single bungee toward the stern for the spare paddle and another between the bow and fwd hatch to hold fishing rod tips, or maybe a harpoon.

What is curious is that I have yet to see a picture of a CLC boat with perimeter lines like shown on the "deck rigging" page. Of course the caption says they are optional so maybe they are.

Something I learned is that a Dremal Tool with a router base and Roto Zip bit will cut a pad-eye slot in a half a heart beat. Also real glad to learn that thickened epoxy will allow a do-over. The line of small holes & sandpaper on the butter knife (al-la Kurt)is really quicker in the long run.

Happy building, MD