Re: Varnish drying time?

Posted by Steve Miller on May 24, 2006

Humidity or perhaps the epoxy was still too new. I think it takes at least two weeks of epoxy cure (some say a month) before some paint or varnish will cure normally. I use Schooner also and it does like the epoxy to be fully cured.

You can bake the boat in the sun to speed up the epoxy cure. I have cured small stuff in the home oven at 125 degrees for an hour or so each day over a few days and varnished in a week.

A really good wash with warm water and a touch of ammonia is critical if you are going to rush the varnish.

Some alykd paints never cure right over epoxy.

Give it some more time. I find the first coat of Schooner can take 24 hours or so even if the epoxy is well seasoned.

In Response to: Varnish drying time? by James Eager on May 24, 2006