Re: Greenland paddles

Posted by Chuck Rhodes on May 24, 2006

While building my Chesapeake 17 last year I purchased a $255.00 carbon paddle. Once I had it out on the water I really liked the paddle's light weight and multiple feathering settings. However, at the urging of another Greenland paddle enthusiast I obtained an 8' western red cedar 2x4 for around $16.00 and after about a week's worth of nights measuring, cutting, and shaping, I had my own GP. After the first few minutes of getting the hang of it I began to like it more and more. It is just as lightweight as my carbon paddle plus it just feels very natural to use and is really easy on the wrists. I was surprised at how much power it had despite only being 3 1/4" wide at the tips plus I love the ability to grab the end of it and get that long lever arm effect too when you really need a strong sweep stroke etc. Anyway, I am definitely a GP convert and my expensive carbon paddle now spends most of its time riding on the aft deck as my spare.

Chesapeake, VA

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