Re: Greenland paddles

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 24, 2006

I don't know if this is really true or not, but I'm starting to form the opinion that beginners to paddling almost always go for large paddle blades and a brute force approach, and more experienced paddlers opt for smaller blades for touring. I attribute this trend to folks learning that an ounce of technique is worth a ton of force.

I know it's certainly the case with me. Why, I've recently trimmed the "full tour" blades down to "mid tour" size on one of my graphite Euro paddles, and will probably trim 'er down more yet. Or maybe not, since I have no desire to use it since getting the hang of the GP.

I ain't dogmatic about whether the GP is superior to the Euro, etc., and believe it's best to use both... and wing paddles too. Play with 'em all, and lean whatever way is the most FUN. But one thing's for certain: the GP is an "easier" paddle to use for long hauls, and clearly the best for rolling and sculling. Well, it's for certain to ME, anyway...

Cheers, Kurt

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