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Posted by Kirk on May 23, 2006

I have the Mill Creek 16.5 and have added the Klepper sliding gunter sloop rig to it.

Being narrow, the boat is rather high spirited. The photo was taken last year with old cotton sails. This spring I have purchased new nylon sails and am trying to attach rigging in the cockpit to hold float bags.

An alternative would be to have a cover made of wood, and seal it down with a gasket and j-bolts. Then have a regular or key-hole entries for sprayskirts. I really must test the rig in a swamped condition to see what the best modifications would be. I am leaning towards float bags.

Still yet another alternative could be to have an outrigger with CLC's ama and akas.

There is one thing I would have had different for the Mill Creek: instead of the bottom being flat, but to have it come to a middle point or keel. I think this would help the boat take rougher seas, which accompany the days when one wants to use the wind for propulsion. I have been out when the bow lifts and then crashes down, smacking into the water, instead of slicing quietly. This also might be a trim problem. Adding some ballast in the forward bulkhead will keep the bow lower in the water. What would that do to other performance characteristics of the Mill Creek?


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