Re: Coaming Glass

Posted by Dave Houser on May 18, 2006

Lee did better explaining it than I. You really do not need to wrap the cloth around the lip overhanging edge. If you try it will float a little just inboard of the edge from the sharp bend in the cloth and you will have to do many fill coats to end up with the coaming top being truly flat. I cut both top and bottom fabrics at the corners of the overhang and seal the uncovered end grain well during the fill coats.

I like a well rounded top inside edge at the back of the coaming for comfort during rolls. As Lee mentioned if you do aggressively round that edge you should cover it with cloth. The plywood plys will pull apart (they split parallel to the top of the coaming) the first time you sit on the coaming because the overhang creates a prying action. I have found 45 degree bias cut cloth tape can wrap the entire coaming in one piece and cover the top, vertical sides and knee hook tops with out wrinkles. The standard weave cloth stretches better than the tight (satin) weave. I lap splice the cut tape at the back to double glass where we all sit to enter or more often re-enter. I have tried to cover the top of the coaming with one large piece of cloth and cutting out the center during the wet out and it will not stretch enough to do the verticals. The bias cut cloth is the key to creating stretchy tape.

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