Re: Coaming Glass

Posted by LeeG on May 18, 2006

It's hard getting the 4oz to wrap very far over without lifting up.

I wouldn't obsess about it, it's the direct impact of another kayak straight down when dragging a kayak acrocss your lap that's a bigger problem than dings right on the edge as is more common for hatches. A big impact will dent 4oz glass anyway.

Just give the top outside edge of the coaming a bit more of a roundover than the bottom outside edge and make sure the inside edge of the coaming is WELL rounded over as that's where your body will take the injury during exit/rescues/re-entry.

Running glass down the inside or outside of the coaming stack is unneccessary unless you've removed so much of the coaming that there's not much holding it on,,3/8"

While it's doable to wrapover bias cut strips of regular weave 4oz glass on the edge of 6mm ply coaming the thin strips will come apart very easily. And the task is maddening if you've got sticky fingers.

If you really want to reinforce the outside edge of 4mm ply with fiberglass go and order a couple yards of 3.25oz fine weave e-glass from RAKA and cut it into strips. It won't come apart when cut into narrow 1" strips and is easy to apply.

In Response to: Coaming Glass by Chris J. on May 16, 2006