Re: undersiz ho&knots KM?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 15, 2006

Heya, James... I'm not sure what size hole to use, just make it slightly smaller than the bungee you're using (actual diameters vary a bit). Something like 3/16" would be way too small; all you need is something the cord won't quite fit through normally, maybe a hair smaller.

To get the cord in, roll the cover fabric back from a bungee end, and yank out about half the small rubber strands with a pair of pliers. Roll the covering back up, and it forms a taper. You can now poke it through your holes to get it started, then stretch the cord to make it skinny, and pass through. Take care to keep it stretched well, or you'll fray the outer covering on the hole edges; using pliers on the short end helps immensely.

Note: The "pliers yank trick" didn't work with some cord I had when I first tried this, but fortunately I had a fresh reel just in from a different supplier. I tried it, and it worked fine.

Tie a simple stop knot in the bungee end to anchor it. But keep your head up... take a look in the photo below, you see that paddle park? It was drastically improved by making a loop of bungee instead of using stop knots. It was easier to tie off, and now I have a sponge park inside the cockpit too!

Cheers, Kurt

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