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Posted by Erik L on May 11, 2006

Hi D. Jordan,

In addition to his Blog mentioned in another post, Peter has started a forum for the Passagemaker that I know you will find useful:

To sort of answer your questions...

1) orbital sander, lots of sandpaper, lots of spring and C-clamps, pliers, saw horses, cordless drill/driver, respirator, lots of latex gloves, patience, more clamps, masking tape, plastic spreaders, a router is very helpful but probably not imperative, lots of foam and chip brushes, primer, sense of humor, varnish, clamps, paint, foam rollers, stirring sticks, zip-loc bags, scrap wood, denatured alcohol, and rags.

2) I started in February, put in several hours a week, and am about to install the seats. Construction is mostly complete with that step, and then comes the long process of finishing - sanding and painting/varnishing, then rigging. I'm still shooting for OkoumeFest, but that might be tight. CLC says about 100 hours to complete. I personally haven't been keeping score.

You can follow my progress at the link below.

3) I won't post figures here for fear that my wife reads the board over my shoulder or when I'm not around :-)

That said, there may be some tools you want/need to get. I realized the first day I would want a quality orbital sander. Plan on a couple of hundred dollars for materials throughout the project (see list above).

In addition, there is the cost of a trailer or roof rack, line and rigging additions, paint and varnish, deck plates, other outfitting costs such as PFDs or dry bags, etc.

Good luck, please post as many questions that you have here or on the other site�

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