Re: carbon fiber

Posted by Chuck Rhodes on May 10, 2006


Thanks again for your comments. I am basing my idea of using the uni-directional carbon on a lot of personal experience doing composite epoxy/s-glass/carbon bi & uni-directional cloth and tow work with ultralight sailplanes/hang gliders constructed of aircraft quality spruce wood with glass/ carbon reinforment etc. I believe that with proper application and attention to how it is applied, tapering of plys to avoid stress points, etc. that a carbon reinforced arch shape created by lamination of the uni-directional cloth under the deck where the deck beam would be placed, would give just as much support and strength as the deck beam but with less weight and no deck beam for your knees to hit etc. Anyway, I will continue to give it some thought as I get close to that stage of decision making in the building process.


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