Re: Microlight vs Wood Fl

Posted by Mac on May 9, 2006


Pullin' the wire is a whole 'nother discussion.

I personally tab with small amounts of CYA between the wires and pull them after. If they get stuck in glue or epoxy, use a soldering iron to heat them up - they pull really easily when hot.

I don't pull them to save weight particularly - there really isn't much copper left after cutting. I pull them because I am extremely anal. I even use toothpicks to fill the holes. Try this on a multichined yak like a WR18 and see the cactus Chia Pete you create!

May have a lot to do with how much time you can afford. I don't have a life, so these activities chew up a lot of otherwise vacant existance.

I'm off to make my second Greenland paddle. Now THERE'S a job to fill time! I'm planning to do the whole thing from a fallen oak tree using only a rusty old Molson Canadian bottle cap - just like the Eskimo here in Quebec.



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