TKBB 2006 Report

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 7, 2006

Howdy Gang! Well, looks like the Texas Kayak Builders Bash has come and gone one more time. Sorry it took a week to report back, but hey, it took a week for me to get back home and recover!

Besides, I've been waiting for George K to get back home and start the tales. He came in from Florida, saw it all for hisself, and I naturally expected he'd start tellin' y'all the truth about us Texan yakkers. Wanted for him to get his lies in first, so I could merely rebut instead of have to type a big report. Oh well...

Yeah, he's a bum. But what the heck, its just the way we like 'em here! Without meaning to insult anybody, he fit in like a kid glove on a starlet's hand, and was great fun to have around. If he's anything like typical of the forum members here, I need to figger out some way to get all of y'all down to Texas next spring.

We had a nasty little weather system pass through early Saturday, and it put a dent in our attendance; I was only able to count 35 boats on the grass at any one time, but suppose there had to have been some forty all in all. But we were in it for quality, and not quantity, this year, and made out juuust fine, thankyouverymuch. It was great fun, and I know it because I was stiff and sore for days afterwards -- a true indicator of a great paddling event.

Oh, you want pictures? Hey, we got pictures...

John Caldeira's pix: (Click the 'Play' arrow on the link to see the slide show.)

And some of Tony Olsen's pics:

Cheers, Kurt Maurer