Re: footbrace studs insta

Posted by LeeG on May 7, 2006

I used ss.T-nuts but the method could be the same with the studs. Put kayak on it's side. Sand area to be glassed.

Put stud/t-nut through the patch(a few layers, depends on if it's a wide stud base or a narrow t-nut) of class cloth.

Put piece of 4mil plastic over stud/t-nut covering the cloth.

For t-nut I put a couple layers of cloth under the t-nut, probably not needed on stud.

Slather up cloth with thickened epoxy.

Attach rail to stud/t-nut with lubricated screw so that epoxy doesn't get on threads. Or in the case of the stud attach nut onto siliconed stud.

Place rail on side panel with a 1lb weight on the middle of it. The 4mil plastic smooths out the goop and makes the removal neat. When it all cures up remove rail from studs and pull up the plastic.

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