outdoor storage...uv

Posted by FrankP on May 5, 2006

I've moved once again, and this time I've decided to keep the kayaks outside. I have cockpit covers in the works and should have them finished in the very near future to keep rodents and other crap out of the boats.

My big concern is uv protection. I was planning to build some sort of awning over my rack but with the northbay, that requires a lot of material that eats space quickly. I haven't finished the boat yet, because I'm still making modifications. I'm thinking I need one more thin layer of epoxy and then I need to varnish. So how concerned should I be about uv protection, without varnish? I'm planning on using the UV varnish (can't remember the brand) but it's going to be a while before I really get to it. Should I make efforts to get to it as soon as possible or not worry so much?

I'm inclined to not worry so much since I'm thinking of "trading up" to the sheerwater anyway, but I'd still like to keep the boat nice for as long as possible. Also, anyone have any ideas how to protect PVC in the sun? My daughter's SOF has a PVC skin and I have no idea how to protect it.



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