Re: Coaming in stages

Posted by Laszlo on May 5, 2006

There'll be some springback when you unclamp them, but nothing that won't go away when you reclamp them for their final gluing.

For the best fit and shape, you should glue your sub-assemblies (left spacer ring, right spacer ring and coaming) together on the boat. Otherwise the springback will be there and will get reinforced by the coaming.

I built my coaming in stages to avoid leaving in the brads and based on that experience I would recommend that rather than staging right/left, you stage vertically. That is, build up the spacer ring as a whole a couple of layers at a time, put on the coaming, then take the assembly off for cleaning up.


In Response to: Coaming in stages by Chris J. on May 4, 2006