Paint Type for Art work

Posted by Scott on May 5, 2006

Hello Hope everyones having a great Spring!

I'm a week or so away from glassing a Kayak I'm working on. I would very much like to add some minor pin stripping, the Boats name & 3x4 logo I designed for it. I've read some use Rice paper & an ink jet printer. I would like to hand paint my detailing & do this before I Fiber Glass. My only 2 concerns are selecting a paint that has some uv protection & more importantly a paint that won't effect adehsion of the fiberglass.

Has anyone had any experience with a good Brand paint to use? Nothing oil based I'm sure. Is Enamel Oil based??? Acrylic or Latex possibly?

Any reply or Direction is most appreciated.

Thanks Scott What kind of paint should I use?


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