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Posted by M Davis on May 4, 2006


I did my combing in stages, but a little differently. I glued the right & left halves of the spacers together first, actually twice. When I clamped them to the deck the first time the glue joint failed over the deck beam. Of course that is the area where the bend is the most severe. When I reglued that joint I put a strip of bais cut 6 oz cloth on the top of the spacers to help take the tension load.

Don't forget to put plastic wrap on the deck.

After getting the spacer halves glued together I glued the two stacked spacers together on the deck with every clamp I own. After they cured I took them up and cleaned up the outside. That was easy to get to off the deck, but would be virtually impossible glued in place with the combing on top.

I probably could have glued the combing to the spacers and the spacers to the deck in one operation but did it in two steps (combing to spacers first) since I wasn't in a hurry.

All in all glueing the combing in stages kept the whole operation controlable and I am very happy with the result. Oh yes, you'll find more on the subject from people who really know what they are doing if you do a search.

Happy building, MD

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