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Posted by LeeG on Apr 30, 2006

Don't use a brush.

1. run 1" blue masking tape 3/16" below the roundover. Run 2" clear tape over that.

2. lay cloth over deck and smooth out.

3. use squeegee or roller and squeegee to wet out glass. Bring resin down over sheer with squeegee.

4. Don't use so much resin that it's pouring down over the sides.

5. wear double gloves so you can take of a wet sticky one and put on a clean one. that will help with hands trying to get rid of stuff like the Three Stooges.

6. If it does drip down don't worry, come back with a towel wet with alcohol to keep from getting hard drips on the hull.

7. When epoxy firms up come back with a sharp one sided razor and cut the cloth at an angle while lifting the tape. The epoxy needs to be cured enough to not pull up when you're cutting the glass while pulling the tape.

8. Scrape up the bits of tape, fair in the shallow 1/8" cut with a scraper leaving hardly any wrapover and lay on the fill coats. Add two extra coats on the sheer to ensure you don't sand into it later on when sanding the fill coats on the deck. If you have two fill coats on the deck then put two more right on the sheer edge.

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