Re: sailrig mark 1 vs mar

Posted by Wilke on Apr 28, 2006

I can attest to how simple the Mk2 is. I, also, had very limited woodworking experience in that my only previous experience was 8th grade shop class (suffice it to say, Norm would never put me on New Yankee workshop). I found the build to be very simple and gratifying. The hardest part for me was modifying it to fit my rotomolded plastic boat. The actual attachment of the amas and the akas was quite simple actually. And I have found it only takes about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to put it all together.

Note: I found a real time saver was to use bungee cord for the lashings rather than the line CLC supplied. I just added some jam cleats for the bungees to go into. This saves me a good 5-10 minutes of set up time.

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