Re: C-17(LT) or C-16?

Posted by Damian on Apr 27, 2006

Hi, I have both and my girlfriend is happy with the 16. But I find the deck is too high above the knees. I am 6'1 180 lbs and she is 5'8 160lbs. The 17lt has a lower deck and is much easier to brace into with knees for rolling and the lower rear deck also helps. Legroom is plenty on both, and you could always move the ch16 forward bulkhead by a couple of inches forward. The ch16 will carry a lot more gear then the 17lt, but not as much weight. This means ch16 can take more light bulky things like sleeping bags etc. Both are great for begginers, very stable, I think the 17lt may be a little more stable as it is lower to water, and both are about the same speed. I am only a bees dick faster then her in either boat.

Cheers Damian

In Response to: C-17(LT) or C-16? by Chuck Rhodes on Apr 26, 2006