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Posted by LeeG on Apr 27, 2006

Take that 15' or so of 3" 9oz tape and the large amount of epoxy necesary to fair it in. That's the equivalent of a 36" x 15" piece of 9oz cloth, 36"x 23" 6oz cloth, or 36"x 31" 4oz cloth.

If you put some of that 6oz cloth in the aft compartment 2' behind the bulkhead and 1' in front of the front bulkhead you'll be putting glass where it'll make a difference for actual use because not all rocks at shore hit straight on the keel,,,where it's already rock solid with tape on the inside.

You can simulate in a gentle way what I'm desribing but turning your completed kayak over and pushing down hard on the keel with your hand. Then do the same in the center of the bottom panels between the keel andchine. Once you go behind the aft bulkhead you should be able to make the wood elicit cracking sounds where there's no interior glass between the chine/keel tape and the bottom panels are wide.

Now imagine getting in your kayak at the glassy flat waters edge on soft silty sand. And there's one rock behind the aft bulkhead right where your hand was pressing instead of under the cockpit glass 3' forward of the aft bulkhead.

You could have exterior tape on the keeline and it wouldn't make a difference to how the flat panel will flex where there's no glass on the interior of the wide bottom panel, 12" behind where you would sit on the aft edge of the coaming.

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