Re: when should I stain?

Posted by Dave Houser on Apr 26, 2006

The best time to stain and epoxy seal coat, if building from plans, is before you cut out the panels If building from a kit, stain and seal coat first thing. There are three reasons. First is you should use a water based dye to stain the panels because oil-based stains interfere with the epoxy bond. Dyes only color the surface and any sanding of the unsealed wood after staining will remove color. Second tool marks will show up on the stained plywood if not seal coated with epoxy and can not be sanded off. Third dyes do not stain epoxy sealed wood so staining should be done before any epoxy work i.e. scarf joints. Fourth where the surface ply has end cut fibers (panel edges, stitch holes and scratches) the wood dyes darker. You do not want dark rings around stitch holes or dark scratches.

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