Re: Deck - Sheer edge

Posted by LeeG on Apr 26, 2006

You could do it that way,,just to put a fly in the ointment 10oz of glass at the top edge of the side panels (6oz+4oz) is a harder surface than a strip of mahogany. When I put a rubrail on a Northbay the rail was rounded over well and the 4oz glass wrapped over the rub rail ...which made for noticeable white stress marks when the rub rail hit anything. In retrospect your suggestion sounds best, cut the deck flat, glass, trim, seal WELL, then mount the rub rail flush to the edge of the deck with epoxy schmootz providing a smooth transition where there are any gaps. Then a couple layers of epoxy on that. The first CLC boats I saw with rub rails, Cape Charles 15, Patuxent, were very rough constructions. I think kit builders end up having a higher standard of finish than was initially intended with the rubrail design prior to the deck glass and other improvements. You're correct, deck glass has no relevance to the deck/hull joint. You could use 4 or 6oz for the coaming but 4oz wraps half way over the rounded 6mm coaming better. I'd put a couple extra patches of 4oz on the front edge of the coaming since that's what hits the ground when a kayak is rolled on a hard surface. For little details the bow benefits with a good round over and a few patches of 4oz layed on it. When a long pointy kayak is swung around it and gently hits walls or the ground a sharp bow is easily chipped. Rounded over well with three layers of 4oz on the very last two inces can be all that it takes to keep the ply from getting chipped.

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