Re: Painting/epoxy hull

Posted by LeeG on Apr 24, 2006

oh heck yeah,,you could have a graphite epoxy coated bottom suffer no damage for ten years if it was stored inside or right side up. Same with 4-5 coats of varnish. The damage I've seen is when a varnished hull with strips of exposed keeline where the varnish gets stripped away is left exposed to summer sun all year. After two years of constant exposure sitting upside down the exposed epoxy on the keeline starts getting chalky white. Varnished epoxy that has a couple fill coats can last a long time with repeated exposures to the elements. What wears the varnish out is all the elements in successsion, freezing, sun, snow, sun, freezing, etc. Just by putting the kayak in the shade or in a steady garage environment will make it look great for a decade.

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