Yaking Gaspe & S Lawr Glf

Posted by Tom Irvine on Apr 23, 2006

Does anyone out there have any experience kayak tripping the Gulf of St Lawrence? I'm specifically thinking of checking out several places up there this summer including Saguenay, Sept Isles and Gaspesie. Ultimately, however, I'd like to check out all the maritimes - over the course of several summers.

What do I need to know about tides, obtaining fresh water, tenting, etc?

I know our kayaks can be outfitted with two weeks worth of food and stuff (probably more) but would also like to supplement our rations with locally obtained fresh seafood ;-)

Heck, maybe even ditch the rations and eat nothing but local seafood.

Seriously, if anyone has experience paddling up there - I'd love to hear from you. (You out there, Chris Taylor?)



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