Re: Quick Varnish Recoati

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 14, 2006

Easy there, Mac... I feel yer pain. I never could hack that varnish thing worth a hoot. Heck, I just skipped it altogether until just recently.

Over the nasty months this year I varnished both my Outer Island and Cormorant, and used waterborne spar urethane per an experiment performed by my good friend Gerald Kennedy, inventor of the Texas Builders Bash. It's not as glossy as the varnish, but you can put 6 coats of UV protectant on and GO in two days time.

My buddy Tony, down in G'ston, liked the quick cure and easy application, but wasn't wild about the satin finish; so he used oil based spar urethane on his new boat. The shine he got is varnish quality. I'll have to go that way next time, assuming our experiments work well over the long run.

I love the look of Captain's, but to heck with that incredibly slow cure time. I'm growing a long white beard just thinking about it, man.

Cheers, Kurt

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