Re: strip tops

Posted by george jung on Apr 4, 2006

Good points, Kurt. I was thinking how much extra work that was going to be, 'torturing' a ply deck on, (and assume you'd have to glue it to the hull? how's that ever gonna work?), well, you've cut to the chase.

If you haven't seen how a stripper goes together, take a look at Kurts site (don't recall but bet Kurt will chime in) or look at; lots of info, as well. Basically, you glue your deck together overf the forms, ensuring you don't glue the strips to either the hull, or the forms; fiberglass the outside, remove it from the forms, fiberglass the inside, then attach to the hull using strips of fiberglass/epoxy. Check the sites I've mentioned; I'm sure there are others here who will chime in, as well.

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