dog eats the plans!

Posted by Nancy on Apr 4, 2006

Okay, its officially a bad day! I bought the 9 sheets of okoume, and I've been cutting out the various parts, to prepare for a family kayak building week this weekend *3 boats, one week...). I went out to my workshop to start making the scarfs.... 2 sets of shredded plans, the Ch 17lt and MC16.5. Someone locked the puppy in my workroom! An hour with 2 rolls of tape, piecing it together, and the final result is not entirely bad, but a 4 inch hole in the center of the MC plans, and various chunks out of the bow template and the coaming layout on the CH 17lt. At least he hadn't chewed up my wood! I think I'll get by, I have the two kayaks that I'd built last year as models if push comes to shove. But what crummy prep day!