Re: 3 mm okoume

Posted by Kyle T on Apr 4, 2006

At some point you get to the where reducing weight can only be done by reducing strength. Kayaks built entirely from 3mm are simply not as durable as a boat made with 4mm but they are plenty strong enough to for me to do an endurance race across the state of Florida. You have to recognize their limitations and if you treat them with some care you will never have any problems.

Sort of like my two bicycles. One is a super lightweight road bike and the other a mountain bike. I can't hurt the mountain bike if I try but I have to be a little careful even climbing on to the road bike. Once underway it gets the job done magnificently as long as I don't fit any curbs, which would probably bend something. I know it is more delicate and I treat it that way.

A really light kayak is more delicate than the boats CLC has designed for mass market. You canít run either through the rapids without breaking them but the 4mm boat with double glass will take a lot more of a pounding than a 3mm boat with one layer of glass. Like my bicycles I need one of each.


3mm tandems

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