glass cracks

Posted by Peter M on Apr 1, 2006

I finished my 16 LT last year and used it all summer withou having varnished it. I am planning on doing the varnish this spring. I stored it in my unheated garage. Anyway I just took it down and the hull has thousands of hairline cracks under the surface. You can't feel them with a fingernail. When you look at the hull straight on it looks fine but when you look at an angle with the light just right it looks horrible. During a bad winter storm and temps about 10 above the bow came loose from the ceiling joist and hit the floor. It didn't seem to have done any damage. Could this be what has caused this to happen or is their other reasons. Has it compromised the kayaks strength? Can I still just put the varnish on and go paddling? My wifes was stored right along side of mine and hers looks fine.

Peter M