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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 31, 2006

Mac ventures: "I'm convinced ... Kurt can build as quickly as he does ... 1: He has A.D.D. and 2: He lives two doors down from Hades."

Correct on both counts. Always lissen to Mac; his intuitions are dead-on. Man, when I saw that original flock of posts from Pete I thought "wow, and some people say I'm a frenetic builder!"

Always give a batch of goop 24 hours before going into a punt formation. I once mixed two parts hardener to one part resin, and danged if'n that stuff didn't go ahead an kick for me! It was Raka 127/350, and I was on pain meds following a little traffic mixup whereas a young man eating a hamburger while guiding a 3-tonner subscribed to the theory that I wasn't present in the vicinity of his proposed left turn, and I was rather forced to demonstrate that the opposite was, in fact, true. It was quite convincing if I do say so myself, and made quite an impact on him. Made a few impressions on me too, now that I think about it.

Cheers, Kurt

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