Re: Hatch curve

Posted by M Davis on Mar 29, 2006

No pictures yet. If I can remember where I put the digital camera, charge the battery, and figg'r out how to post them I'll try a few picts.

My hatches are made out of 2 layers of 4mm okoume plywood (flush hatch method) instead of one layer of plywood & stiffeners (what comes in the kit) so the 4mm deep slits only go 1/2 way through.

Got the slits cut last night and will do the glue-up friday night so I can check the shape saturday morning while the epoxy is still green.

The Moby latches will come later and won't be expected to contribute much to maintianing the curve.

Building flush hatches on molds is detailed on this site in the "Construction Tip" section. The slit-to-adjust process came from someone smarter then I who posted it on this forum.

Happy building, MD

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