uh oh... epoxy that slow?

Posted by Petewp on Mar 29, 2006

I ve been building the MKII sailrig ... well I put it down for a while but with spring here i want it up and running soon. Up to this point Ive used Silver Tip and found it satisfactory - with a slow hardner. Well i m using MAS now, its been an hour now at about 65F with 4ounces resin to 2 ounces hardner [slow] and its made some air bubblers at the top but its no harder than when I started out and its definately no even warm.

Whats the deal here? I used MAS to build the WR180 but i dont ever rememeber it being that slow.

Shouldnt it be atleast getting tacky and hot by an hours time at 65F temp? I am dead on positive of the mixing ratio. No pumps I usded accurate measuring cups.

Anyone comment on this?