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Posted by Kyle T on Mar 27, 2006

I've done four decks using one method or another based on my original string method. Each worked fine. This picture is posted on the Team CLC blog and uses heavier cord, which worked well. My first attempt was probably still my best results but it took longer because I used individual strings instead of threading one continuous piece. You can find that photo journal on CLC builder’s sites.

The deck is pre-fitted using straps and a pencil is used to mark a line where the deck will be cut off when finished. Holes are the drilled in the deck an inch or so outboard of the lines. We used a strap to get the initial arch in the deck then thread the string through the holes and tightened. We also used clamps at the ends of the string instead of even bothering to tie knots. If you plan on using a single piece of string I would seek help, as it would be difficult to do with one person. Multiple strings can be done solo with little difficulty.

The truth is that I’ve come to miss the pattern of nail heads on the deck. I paddled my 17LT for hours yesterday and looked at its nail heads and pondered the loss of the pattern on my other boats. Weird how that works.


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