Re: Epoxy finish.

Posted by Rich on Mar 27, 2006

I'd go with the contamination possibility as well.

I had a problem moving from slow sure epoxy to a very fast curing epoxy. The surface contamination from the curing process on the fast epoxy is bad. I've come to believe that the surface preparation is vital to getting the epoxy to go smooth. I now wash down with soapy water after epoxying, then after the sanding before the next coat of epoxy.

From what I remember, after I'd filled the weave up the surface of my boat was fairly lumpy (orange peel). A good afternoon's sanding with lots of 80 grit took care of that. One more thin coat after that and it was about done. I've spent more time on the cockpit coaming of mine since then, but I'm just about done.

Rich (Fellow Brit!)

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