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Posted by Bert van Zelst on Mar 24, 2006

Louis: I have no troubles repairing damages; just follow the directions: depending on whether you have gone through the lower, colored coat, you have to fix both coatings or only the clear topcoat. Repair is virtually the same as for varnish: sand and fill in . These wood finishes are NOT like two-part urethane topcoatings for hull topsides(Awlgrip etc) which can virtually only be applied by spraying and a professional shop (although you every now and then see stories about folks doing it themselves). And indeed, with Awlgrip is almost impossible to fix small damages (again, the shops will do it, but at a big price). Honey teak, while in the same chemical family, is quite differently formulated. You apply first a few coats of the colored mix, and then follow it with a few coats of the clear topcoating. Both are two part systems, mixed and applied the same way (brush), and you don't have to wait between coats; in fact, you are supposed to apply them wet-on-wet. No need for a spraybooth; you apply the coatings by brush and while you need to have some ventilation, working outside is fine. If you want to know more, they have a website with contact information (, and the owner of the business (a chemical engineer who formulated this stuff) is always more than happy to talk about his product and provide a wide range of advice. Good luck, Bert

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