can't really say

Posted by Charlie Jones on Mar 24, 2006

We always try to use up what we have and buy fresh for the next year. It should be ok for a year to a year and a half though provided it hasn't been opened.

One thing I have done is wash out some small cans, say 1/2 pint or so, and decant the varnish into those. I then hit the top with a longish shot of propane from a torch and cap it. Seems to last a good while like that and we only have to waste a small amount if we can't use up what we are working with.

If we are working from a large can, we NEVER pour used varnish back into the can- EVER. Better to pitch it than contaminate the rest. I open the can, pour out what I think we'll need, shoot a blast of propane into the can and cap it. The propane excudes the air ( heavier than air ya know) and keeps it from skinning over.

And I'm sure I'll now read about how dangerous propane is :) But we're talking about a minescule amount and you shouldn't have any open flames around the varnish ANYWAY!!!

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