2 parts are NOT simple

Posted by Charlie Jones on Mar 24, 2006

to repair. That's one of the biggest drawbacks to them.

And varnish will do quite nicely on Teak. Had it on the exterior brightwork of my last sailboat. We had to touch it up once or twice a year, exactly the same schedule as we now touch up the mahogany on our current sailboat. We live on the Texas coast, the boat is in a slip, exposed to the sun all year round.

We use Z Spar 2015 for our brightwork.

The real trick to keeping exterior varnish in good shape on ANY boat is a timely redo. It's a snap to add another coat if you do it BEFORE the surface goes bad. When you get a nick or small scrape, touch it with some varnish THEN. Many people on larger boats keep a cleaned out finger nail polish container full of varnish, and use that tiny brush to coat dings and nicks IMMEDIATELY, before they can get moisture under them. Then once a year or more often as needed, just sand it down and lay on another coat. We are in the process of doing toe rails and trim on our 25 footer at the moment- takes about an hour and a half to get it ready and ten minutes to apply the varnish.

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