hatch rims-- trim?

Posted by Vannessa on Mar 24, 2006

My Ches16 kit was purchased late '98-- so it's a bit dated. Now that I'm completing the hatches, I've purchased the newer "standard CLC hatch system" (hatch rims, doublers, and stiffeners) which was not available with the original kit.

The hatch openings are cut, and when I place the doublers underside they fit fairly well. The rims, however, when positioned on the deck are not a perfect fit-- it looks as if my opening needs to be cut slightly larger.

My inclination is to trim the rims at the centerline to fit the opening. The alternative would be to glue on the rims as they are, and then file down the opening and doublers to be flush with the rims. Any thoughts or hints? ... don't want to run into complications while fitting the hatch covers. Thanks in advance!