Re: Greenland Paddles

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 23, 2006

I agree with Mac, Google up a slew of sites and check 'em all out. I say this because some folks take to the Greenland paddle instantly, others take forever to tame the rascal, and still others fall somewhere in between. I'm in the slow learner's category myself, and it really helped to get several different points of view on the subject.

I continue to agree with Mac when he says to stick with it, it's worth it. It certainly is. While I refuse to be dogmatic about equipment, I only rarely wish to pick up a Euro paddle any more.

GP's are also kind of like fly fishing, whereas a greatly rewarding extension of the sport is tying your own flies. Carving your own GP's is perfect for the same reasons: you can make exactly what you want/need, and save money doing it (well, on GP's, anyway, said the guy with $500 worth of fly tying crap).

Cheers, Kurt

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