Re: Incidentaly Adam...

Posted by James Eager on Mar 19, 2006

I know the guy in the yellow kayak. I fish with him on occasion...seen him catch a striper on darn' near every cast. He has written articles for Flyshing magazine about "chasing the blues"... actually he taught me to chase the terns (not gulls) around b/c they know where the fish are... Kayaks are great to fish from b/c they dont spook the buggers but I am not a fan of the sit on tops. Nor do I like all this load it up with electronic fishfinders, rod holders and all that monkey buisness, you can use the tides, sky, the smells and sounds to find the fish...rather than staring at some blue screen the whole time. The whole point is to keep it simple unobtrusive and easy to paddle...sit on tops all seem to be rather heavy... kayaks should be worn rather than sat on in my opinion. If you use a real kayak you can tuck the rod butt under your thigh for trolling and you get to feel the strike (and you dont have rod holders cluttering the deck). The CT coast is great fun for kayak fishing.

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